Monthly History at High Noon presentations feature historic photographs on a variety of topics of local interest.

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History at High Noon presentations are now available online. Past presentations may be viewed on the Sioux City Public Museum's YouTube Channel.


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August 2020 - The Women’s Suffrage Campaign in Sioux City
In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment in 1920, the local struggle for the passage of women’s suffrage is chronicled by Matt Anderson, Curator of History, in part one of this two part program.

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July 2020 - Iwo Jima and America's War in the Pacific
Presenter Russ Gifford explores the pivotal 36-day WWII battle that recently marked its 75th anniversary. Take a look back at the battle, and the war, from the eyes of those fighting on the sea, in the skies, on the islands – and at home.

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June 2020 - Sioux City 1900-1910
Sandwiched between the Boom and Bust Era of the 1890s and the outbreak of the Great War, the first decade of the 20th Century was a time of conservative, but constant development in Sioux City. Presented by Tom Munson, Archives Manager. 

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May 2020 - Sioux City in the 1890s
Presenter Haley Aguirre, Archival Records Clerk, showcases historic images that chronicle the rise and fall of Sioux City’s first great boom era. 

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April 2020 - The Great Influenza Pandemic in Sioux City 1918-1919
Presented by Matt Anderson, Curator of History, the program features historic photographs of local hospitals, notable individuals, military installations and general views of Sioux City during the 1910s.

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February 2020 - Riverside Story
Presenter Tom Munson, Archives Manager, will highlight the history of this area of Sioux City and how it came to function almost like a town of its own.

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January 2020 - T.S. Martin Family
Through historic photographs, presenter Haley Aguirre, Archival Records Clerk, will explore the family behind the successful T. S. Martin & Company department store and their time as owners of the Peirce Mansion.

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December 2019 - Sioux City Restaurants
Restaurants, lunch counters, and cafes are part of our everyday life. Presenter Tom Munson, Archives Manager, also explores renown Sioux City favorites like pizza, hot dogs, taverns and much more.

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October 2019 - South Bottoms
Presenter Haley Aguirre, Archival Records Clerk, will explore the Bottoms’ history and people, major cultural and business centers, and reasons for the demise of the neighborhoods.

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July 2019 - Flight 232
Presenter Matt Anderson, Curator of History, takes a look back at July 19, 1989 when United Airlines Flight 232 carrying 296 passengers and crew, crash-landed at the Sioux Gateway Airport. Remarkably, although 112 people lost their lives, 184 survived

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June 2019 - Charles N. Taylor Photographs
Presenter Tom Munson, Archives Manager, showcases early 1890s images of houses, churches, commercial buildings, street scenes, and much more. Itinerant photographer Charles N. Taylor’s photographs are among the best documentation of Sioux City’s Boom Era. 

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May 2019 - D-Day Remembered
Presenter Russ Gifford, a local writer and instructor, provides views from the battlefield to the home front to mark the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion during WWII.

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April 2019 - The Great Depression in Sioux City
Presenter Matt Anderson, Curator of History, reflects on the economic turmoil of the 1930s. Like all American cities, Sioux City was profoundly affected by the economic catastrophe of the era. Featured images illustrate the challenges local citizens faced during the Great Depression and how they managed to deal with them in a mostly positive way.

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March 2019 - Sioux City's First Banker
Presenter Haley Aguirre, Archival Records Clerk, explores the story of George Weare and his bank, and how the Weare family impacted Sioux City high society from the Victorian era and beyond.

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February 2019 - Sioux City Grocery Store
Tom Munson, Archives Manager, will trace the history of local shops starting with Sioux City’s first general store in 1856.

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January 2019 - Sioux City Founders 
Grace Linden, former Sioux City Public Museum curator of history, traces the history of the men and women who founded Sioux City 165 years ago.


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